what does this mean? (gemini of today’s horoscope)?

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Question by pollie_cute_yra: what does this mean? (gemini of today’s horoscope)?
this is today’s horoscope-
“It looks like one of your more shallow friendships is moving to a much deeper level.”

i’m not sure what does this mean?

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Answer by m&ems
?? someone you know a little (shallow) or is just someone in your group/work mate etc. could be getting to know you better or more Intimately (deeper) or maybe just gets your name right or remembers your phone number or some other little thing

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    croi_croga May 9, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    It means the same thing for one twelth of the world. That is not real astrology, it was a publicity stint made to sell more newspapers. REAL astrology is in fact quite effective.

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