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Question by тємρσ: I need your advice Horoscopes section :’(?
So I guess that by now many of you know that I’ve had a fight with this girl.She’s a Virgo sun with a Scorpio moon [I think].
I didn’t talk to her for 6 months until today that I went to tell her why I was mad at her and like a true Libra Mars that doesn’t like to fight I told her I don’t want to fight anymore.
It’s never going to be the same,but my Libra/Aqua/Gemini friend thinks it was stupid.He thinks I should apologize when I did nothing wrong.I don’t agree with him and I was wondering what I should do about the whole situation.. :’(
I feel so betrayed by my friend.I thought he was my best friend but he’s acting like a hypocrite all of a sudden.
What should I do,this is basically what happened –


I would really appreciate it if you actually read the question.
You can get your 2 points here if you’d like,but your question will be removed anyways if it’s no help.

Oh,and I’m a Leo sun with a Sagittarius moon and an Aquarius rising.
Thank you!

*Oh,and the moon is in Cancer.Would that affect any of the 3 of us?*
TS – He’s my best friend..but now I doubt it.
He was never very close to her and he’s never on my side.He’s always criticizing me and stuff so I don’t know what to think.
I’m angry right now.
your ANSWER will be removed anyways*

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Answer by Top Secret
Well I can see where your Libra/Aqua/Gemini friend’s coming from. He probably just wants peace between the two of you again, like a typical Libra [Libra Sun, I'm assuming] who doesn’t like to confront their problems to keep the peace, his advice to you would be to just “be the bigger man” and apologize although you don’t have anything to apologize for. It seems like he’s just tired of the two of you not getting along. Six months of that stuff IS a pretty long time, you have to admit. And even worse, if he’s friends with the BOTH of you, it would probably be very awkward for him. I’d hate to relate this to Harry Potter, but it’s like when Ron and Harry were fighting and Hermionie was the middle-man who literally had to send messages of what the other said. This fight may have intended to be just between the two of you, but just consider WHO’s between the two of you; Libra/Aqua/Gemini [ASSUMING he's both of your guyses friends]

BUT, I can also see where YOU’re coming from too. I mean, you have a RIGHT not to apologize cause in all fairness, you didn’t do anything wrong. Why SHOULD you apologize? Answer: You don’t have to.

Logically,the answer is yes, you’re right. You shouldn’t apologize. If this was a court case, you would be in favor.

Morally, however, the answer isn’t always as simple as “yes, you’re right”. Although you may have every right NOT to do the ‘unlogical’ thing, it may be beneficial. Morally speaking. For example, why in the world would rich people EVER donate to a cancer awareness/support organization? Life [Biologically-wise anyways] is all about survival of the fittest, so why would anyone want to help people other than themselves? Because sometimes when you help others, there’s potential to feel better about yourself, and in the end they could return the favor. So it’s really a win-win situation in the end. I personally believe that that shouldn’t be very upsetting. I’ve had to put up with a LOT more bullshi’ite than that from my Gemini friend and his Libra brother. But that’s besides the point. I guess it really comes down to what YOU want MORE. If you want to ignore them until death [cause of an even that I think is quite ridiculous, on both ends that is .. . . . .. ], sobeit. If you want to reconcile your differences and make things less hard on yourself and others, go for it. I know that it’s definitely gonna be awkward and nothing’s gonna be the same, but in the end, it will be totally worth it. And if she pulls that card out again, play it cool until you can find solid evidence that she’s doing it to agonize you. When you do that, Libra/Aqua/Gemini will totally be on your side [maybe... I don't trust Air Signs trust to be honest]

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4 Responses to I need your advice Horoscopes section :’(?

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    Sangungoy January 17, 2014 at 7:31 pm #

    Libra/Aqua/Gemini are peace-loving people and want everything in harmony. im Aquarius, and i agree with ur friends, you should apologize even though you haven’t committed anything wrong, apologize for the sake of your desire to have no fight with the Virgo.
    Dont let your Leonian pride overwhelm your situation, pride cannot fix anything at all..

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    Left-T January 17, 2014 at 8:09 pm #

    In either case , Moon Sagittarius are blunt and usually, they never look back or live in the past. EVen if you make up, you will always keep an eye open and make sure you don’t get stabbed in the back. You are quick and blunt, rebellious and unsettled but, you are sincere and honourable due to your Leo.

    With Cancer in your 5th house, that puts Capricorn in your 11th. This brings some very faithful friend and reliable but, some trouble in connection with them . You will have some bitter disappointment in regards to friends and you will not always realise your hopes and wised with reagard to them. Saturn rules here. Some of your so-called friends are liable to desert you, when you most require their aird, therefore, do not rely too much upon ALL your friends, this influence giving but few REAL Friends.

    Giood Luck

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    Isabelle^ January 17, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

    You have had some good input already.
    If you truly feel you have nothing to apologise for : don’t !
    Keep your integrity.
    Real friends at least would be open for a discussion.
    It has happened to me and I refuse to apologise when I truly feel that I am not in the wrong and explain why. If other people do not want to even listen : it is their problem, not yours.
    But that is me…..I would feel as though I let myself down and even if I did apologise , just for the sake of it, it would leave a bitter taste and things could not go back to normal again.

    Without even offering an apology and just carry on, like pretend that nothing happened, the relationships with those people did shift and ultimately died. To my relief actually. They saw it as taking further advantage anyway.

    Maybe just leave it aside and see what happens in the future ?

    But I do apologise, no problem, if need be. I am not perfect !

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    iris January 17, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    One thing that really scares me is when a person has Mars in Libra. It’s so underestimated in terms of the decision process in debating passive/aggressive, and how action will eventually be taken if pushed into aggression.

    I agree with what the others here have said, but I wanted to add my perspective. You waited until you could be rational to explain to her why you are mad, and then you told her that you don’t want to fight anymore. I see no wrong in that because it is explaining your point of view, and then making an attempt at peacemaking.

    My son is a Leo with Sagittarius Moon, and he’s been in similar situations with friends and acquaintances. If you are like him, I don’t really see you being close to this person again. You’ve done your part at mending hurt feelings without being an out and out doormat. No one should expect more from you.

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