gemini horoscope for friday what does it mean?

Gemini horoscope for 2013 by Georgena Psychic: Detailed 2013 Horoscope Gemini, predictions and insight to * Finance ( income gain, loss, ventures, monetary returns, investments, success, opportunities… ) * Career ( desired results, job promotions, superiors, appreciation… ) * Health ( energy, stress, injuries, food, outlook… ) * Love & Relationships ( partner, children, opposite sex, love, relationships… ) * Family & Friends ( atmosphere, happiness, popularity, relatives… ) Your Gemini 2013 Yearly Horoscope can help you make the right decisions through the year. This general Gemini horoscope for 2013 is your compass for navigating through your everyday life! Use the stars’ advice in solving your vital problems. As you know, each horoscope sign has its own unique characteristics, strengths and weakness. Discover how the planetary patterns of the year will impact upon you. Learn more about your personal horoscope today! Visit May the stars be with you throughout the year 2013!!
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Question by alexis b: gemini horoscope for friday what does it mean?
Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Although you are willing to play nicely with others, your good intentions may not be enough now to allow you to follow through accordingly. Your key planet Mercury has some harsh words for ruthless Pluto, possibly precipitating a social meltdown. You may be pushed beyond being clever; your message today is “don’t mess with me,” and your delivery can be convincing enough that everyone will listen to what you’re saying.

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Answer by boobear7182003
Friday? It means we’ll be strait to the point & moody.

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Question by Baby: plzz read what does this horoscope mean i really wanna know?
Flirt with something that’s out of character for you, be it a person, place or thing Competitive sports hold more interest for you today — maybe you want to see your team crush their rivals, or maybe you want to get in shape to play something you haven’t played in quite a while.

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Answer by Aquagurl
Sounds like a Gemini.

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